About MayDall Construction

MayDall Construction is a collaboration of two seasoned veterans in the construction industry, Mr. David Dallas and Mr. Adam Mays, who serve as the firm’s managers. Mr. Dallas is a SRPMIC community member and holds a majority interest in the firm.

Mr. Dallas and Mr. Mays have worked together on multiple jobs in a contractor/subcontractor capacity through their individual businesses. In addition to a strong working relationship, both managers will be able to share their individual knowledge, business experience and skills as contractor and subcontractor to create a well-balanced, professional, and dynamic contracting company.

MayDall Construction is an Indian-Owned business and currently holds Arizona licenses for General Contractor and General Engineering Services and is certified with the Arizona Department of Gaming Certification.


David Dallas


As an SRPMIC Community member, I have been able to hire all of SRPMIC’s Community Member Owned Businesses that have had scope on MayDall projects. Native Americans take pride in building our own community, and to be able to share that with my fellow community members has been one of my greatest rewards. I look forward to continuing to service my Community SRPMIC and hopefully have the opportunity to offer my services to other Native American Communities in the near future.


Adam Mays

Vice President

Having been in construction for 30 years, I am excited to have this opportunity to provide our building services to SRPMIC as well as share my knowledge and offer mentor ship to community subcontractors and members interested in participating in this industry. As SRPMIC continues to prosper, I see MayDall as a source for members to get involved, and subcontractors to grow in this construction market.


Joe Barth

Executive Vice President

I enjoy the challenge to reduce costs and achieve ever increasing efficiencies through the development, implementation and refinement of technology and process.  More importantly, the ability to share my knowledge and help develop teams of dedicated, driven, sophisticated and professional people is something I relish.  MayDall, and its unique relationship with SRPMIC, creates the opportunity to meet both of these objectives and ensure continued mutual success.


We value excellence. And that’s the quality you’ll find in every project we build.


Project Evaluation • Value Engineering • Constructability Review • Master Scheduling • Budgeting • Cost Control • Subcontractor Selection • Safety • Site Logistics


Project Turnover • Procurement Administration • Project Coordination and Management • Weekly Schedule Updating • Cost Control • Contingency Management • Quality Assurance • Safety Enforcement and Maintenance

Post Construction

Project Closeout • Operations and Maintenance Orientation and Training • As-Built Drawings • Warranty Management • One-Year and Two-Year Walk-Throughs